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Machine Tips

Tip 1

The No. 1 thing people forget with copiers, printers and fax machines is to maintain them. If it's running now, why service it?
   A periodic cleaning and checking for worn paper feed rolls is a must for the correct operation and lengthens the life of any office machine.
Paper dust, toner or ink residue and the environment the machine is located in are all factors in shortening the life span of any machine.
Like changing the oil in your car it is the one thing that must be done at regular intervals. All office machines should be serviced and
cleaned at least annually and some bi-annually. The length of time between clean and service is determined by usage and environment.
Don't wait until you are down......!

Tip 2

Paper is the only item (other than toner and ink) that you will insert into a machine
   Therefore it must remain clean, flat, with no bent corners, wrinkles or edge marks in order to pass thru the machine correctly and without
jamming. So.... with that said it stands to reason that unused paper storage is very important. Proper, flat storage (use a plastic storage bin with
closeable,sealable top) not only keeps the paper clean but maintains proper moisture levels in the paper. Paper that is left unprotected will
either be to dry or to wet to properly accept toner or ink and can cause jamming or premiture wear of paper feed rolls.

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